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Engagement + Outreach

The Purpose:

In today’s fast paced environment, there is ongoing competition to command someone’s attention. Engagement and outreach are often critical components are clients need to accomplish their goals.

Vector’s Approach:

Effective engagement and outreach is based on building relationships with the people you work with and the communities you serve. At Vector Communications, we remove the barriers, often longstanding, that prevent our client’s target audience from receiving and providing the desired information for a particular project. Using direct and indirect strategies, we move people from isolation to information resulting in positive action. Vector values “informed consent,” where everyone may not agree on the final decision, but they understand the process and feel their voices were heard.


Strategic communication is the effective use of communication by an organization to fulfill its mission. Vector’s approach to communications is based on client goals and the target audience. Once these are established, we craft messaging that will resonate with the desired audience while using the most effective channels to ensure the message is heard.

Whether it’s building a new bridge, opening a charter school, or introducing a new public initiative, Vector will meet all of your strategic communication needs.

Crisis Communication

Unfortunately, bad things happen. Crises, including natural disasters, accidents, employee malfeasance and customer complaints can happen at any time. When they do, the fallout could inflict serious damage to an organization’s reputation. Vector works with clients to establish a crisis communication plan to have established policies and procedures in place if there is a major threat posed to their organization. If a crisis has already occurred, Vector has the expertise that will help your organization address the situation and move forward.

Media Relations

Our relationships with television, radio, and print journalists are an invaluable resource for our clients. A press release is merely a piece of paper. We make the subsequent phone calls that matter to secure media coverage. Vector knows where to get stories placed for maximum benefit, and when crisis strikes, Vector specializes in minimizing damage to our client’s reputation.

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Media Training

Laurna Godwin and Cordell Whitlock, both multiple Emmy winners, have a combined 54 years of experience in television and radio as news anchors, reporters, and talk show hosts. Vector’s media training are interactive sessions where Laurna and Cordell teach key messaging, interview skills, and media literacy

Event Planning

Vector has successfully planned hundreds of events of varying size for our clients. Our firm pays careful attention to every detail during planning through implementation. We work with clients to clearly define the event’s goals and objectives, key players, and the budget. Our services include promotion, video production, script writing, media relations, program development, emcee duties, and event staffing. 

Video Production

Vector’s video production team has won six Regional Emmy Awards for storytelling. We help our clients convey their message with compelling words to match meaningful pictures and video. Vector’s credits include commercials, public service announcements, and videos to be shown at fundraisers, public meetings, conferences, trainings, and other events.

Graphic Design

Vector has extensive experience in graphic design production and branding to complement your overall communications and marketing strategy. We use existing branding and messaging, or, if desired, work with our clients to implement a new vision. Our work includes billboards, brochures, flyers.

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