We work with our clients

For the public good


Vector regularly provides engagement and community outreach for transportation providers to best inform the public and stakeholders about projects. We are involved in studies for highways, roads, public transportation in addition to pedestrian and biking projects, and transportation-related development. Our approach has resulted in new roads and bridges, major construction projects, new MetroLink lines and MetroBus routes, major streetscape improvements, biking and walking trails, and many more components of Missouri and Illinois’ transportation infrastructure.


We work with our educational partners on mission statements and public relations campaigns to increase visibility for institutions while promoting student recruitment and donor relations. Vector has worked with public, charter, and private schools, as well as universities and colleges including trade schools. Vector’s efforts have bolstered student recruitment, fundraising, and the public profiles of our education-based clients.


Now, more than ever, success in corporate America is defined by a willingness to recognize the importance of building community partnerships. Vector works with  corporations to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with customers, area stakeholders, and community leaders. We also help our corporate clients market to diverse and targeted audiences that may be unfamiliar with their products and services, but with whom we see a potential match.


City, county, and state governments provide very important and often unrecognized services for the community. It is crucial that government entities  correctly communicate the value of their work, while understanding the importance of public engagement in the policy-making process. Organized opposition to projects and initiatives can pose serious obstacles to effective implementation. We work with our clients to develop effective messaging and engagement to supplement the positive aspects of projects and initiatives while mitigating any public relations landmines. Our experience building proactive relationships with stakeholders, the public, and the media are an asset to our government clientele.


Sound mental and physical health is the cornerstone of a thriving community. Vector partners with local health and human service providers and community leaders to promote and implement public health and human service initiatives that make a tangible difference. From prenatal health to senior care, we work with our clients to create marketing materials that will motivate diverse audiences to become engaged and involved.


At Vector, we understand the unique challenges of nonprofit communications, marketing, and development. Often, nonprofits must fulfill their mission on limited resources, including staff. We have worked with many nonprofits to design communications, outreach and marketing solutions for every budget and staff size. We create custom work products that deliver specific results and help nonprofits better serve the community.

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